Effective retirement 401k planning depends on careful analysis of outcomes under differing scenarios and using different assumptions about things life expectancy, rate of return on investments, retirement age and numerous other factors. We provide a full suite of high quality retirement planning calculators to assist you. These calculators make it possible for anyone willing to spend a little time to develop a personalized and high-quality 401k retirement plan.

Here are examples of the questions you can answer with our retirement planning calculators:

  1. Am I on track to save enough for retirement?
  2. Which is better for me – regular 401k or Roth 401k?
  3. How will changing 401k contributions affect my paycheck?
  4. How long will my retirement nest egg last?
  5. What is my required minimum distribution (RMD)?
  6. How much can I takeout of my 401k without an early withdrawal penalty?